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Annual speech given at 2015 Winter Outing

2014 was another incredible year for the Purdue Evans Scholars. This year’s New Scholars impressed many with a cumulative 3.13 GPA; pretty remarkable with a class full of astronautical, biochemical, aeronautical and mechanical engineers. Their academic achievement helped our chapter’s cumulative GPA rank number one among fraternities and sororities again this year.

Purdue Scholars put our hands together to create a homemade, 22-hole mini golf course as a major philanthropy this year. The course included a fully functional waterfall with a fish pond, a challenging windmill and multileveled platforms and ramps.

The building didn’t stop there! We also built a massive two-story, three-leveled “Scholar Bench” that fits roughly 15 people.

In 2014, we implemented a couple of new programs to bring togetherness to our Scholars and Alumni. Each week a Scholar is honored the “Golden Boiler Award” to celebrate their recent accomplishments for that week.

To help keep connections strong with our recent Alumni, we have deepened our Scholar 2 Scholar Program. This program gives Scholars an opportunity to connect individually with an Alumni mentor. This connection gives the Scholar someone who they can turn to for advice about school, the Evans Program, and post-graduation plans.

In other philanthropies, our chapter helped raised $1,200 through the Golfers4Caddies program by caddying. This program is helping our local courses start up their caddie programs and raise awareness about the Evans Scholarship.

Not only are our Scholars mentally strong, but physically fit as well! Purdue Scholars were the intramural golf and sand volleyball champions.

To the new 2015 executive boards: Remember your house is your family and your home. You are the six heads of the house. If you need help with something, don’t hesitate to ask your fellow e-board members. Remember that you were elected to your position because your fellow Scholars believe in you. You won’t always be able to make everyone happy, but always do your best to try.

I’d wish you good luck, but you don’t need it. I know you’ll do great in 2015.

2014-15 Vice President of Finance Stephen Macenas