October Updates

As we move into October, our Scholars have been very busy with academics and other work outside of the classroom. Moving backward a couple weekends into September, we had our first family weekend that consisted of food, football, and Purdue's homecoming! Despite an 0-3 start to the season, Purdue managed to beat Boston College that weekend, 30 to 13.

The following weekend we had 12 scholars participate in Zeta Tau Alpha's 5k color run. The event was for Big Man on Campus, a philanthropy that supports breast cancer awareness and research. Despite not winning, our Scholars had a lot of fun running through campus that Saturday morning.

This past week we had a formal chapter meeting, at which ESF staff members Amy Lillibridge, Kara Stack and Sam Maciejewski visited the chapter. We were informed about the changes that will be made to the Code and Creed, the new format for Winter Outing, and what is to be expected for Summer Outing 2019. Many awards were handed out such as the perfect 4.0 GPA award, received by Megan Hedges and Kathleen Doolittle. Ashton Knies, Sammy McLeish and Hayden Bauschka received the Carleton Blunt award for maintaining a 3.5 GPA throughout junior year. Matthew Hope received the Harold F. Ames Award for earning the highest chapter evaluation in the past year. Outside of academics, our seniors Quynh Nguyen and Maddy Giannini accepted full-time positions at Boston Scientific and PepsiCo.

Moving forward into October, Evans Alum Matt Hammer has arranged an Alumni Night for our Scholars on the 21st. This night will consist of resume building, career development, Q&A, and food! The night should be a lot of fun and will beneficial to hear from Evans Alumni who were in our shoes not too long ago.

The school year is going great so far, and hopefully we can continue to achieve at the same pace!