September Updates

This first month of school has already been packed with plenty of events for the Evans Scholars at Purdue.

This past Wednesday we had our blood drive in which 12 of our Scholars participated. Each donation can save three lives, and it's good to see our chapter participating in such a good cause. Hopefully we can get even more participation in the spring semester.

Moving forward, our chapter will be hosting our first family day this year on Saturday, Sept. 22. We will have a cookout in the morning and then families can watch the football game against Boston College at the House or at the stadium.

On the topic of football, despite losing, our chapter had a great time at the season opener against Northwestern. Thursday night games are rare for Purdue, so after classes a majority of the chapter went out to the backyard to play Frisbee, bags and barbecue.

On the topic of chapter bonding, we are having our biannual 2 vs. 2 basketball tournament on the basketball court this Saturday. The teams are randomly picked and it's always a great time to hang out and compete with everyone in the chapter.

Our freshman our off to a great start as well academically. They are participating in study tables Monday through Thursday in which they explore the campus' libraries and learn what studying techniques work best for them.

Overall we are off to a great start, and we are only three weeks into the school year. Hopefully we can keep up the pace and make this the best year yet!