Fall semester updates

Hard to believe that we are already half-way through the semester! It feels like it was only yesterday when our New Scholars were moving in, and now they are half-way done with their first semester at Purdue. The Purdue Evans Scholars chapter has kept quite busy this semester.

First and foremost, our chapter had a mental health awareness clinic with Purdue's CAPS. Thank you to our host for coming in to talk to us about some of the signs we should look for, as well as what resources Purdue offers when it comes to mental health. Mental health is an important and uprising topic spreading across college campuses, and we want our Scholars to be aware.

Furthermore, we had our Family Day on Sept. 23, and it was a great success! Thank you to all the families that came to the Scholarship House to enjoy the weekend with our Scholars! Also, a big thanks to Scholar Samantha McLeish for hosting our second Chick's Change Philanthropy! Our Chick's Change Philanthropy entails families and Scholars bringing all their spare change on Family Day, and then all the money raised goes to a cause that our Scholars choose.

Last weekend, we got to see many of our Alumni come back to campus to celebrate our chapter's 50th anniversary! From Scholarship House tours, to golf, to a dinner at Ross-Ade, our Scholars and Alumni enjoyed a day of walking down memory lane and hearing about all the stories and memories our Scholars have experienced. We might all have attended Purdue as Evans Scholars throughout different times; however, we will all forever be bonded over our experiences at Purdue and as Evans Scholars.

Stay updated on our current Scholars' activities, and share Alumni news on our Purdue Evans Scholars page at: http://purdueevansscholars.weebly.com.

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