Summer Updates

This summer many of our Scholars had the opportunity to have internships for their majors. Not only did they intern, but many of them took summer classes, studied abroad, and last but not least, many of our Scholars returned to their golf courses to caddie.

With only a few days of summer left, it's crazy to think how fast the summer flew by! In just a few short days, our executive board and New Scholars will move back into the house for freshmen orientation. Don't forget to keep in mind the following important dates:

August 13- New Scholar Move-In Day
August 16- Current Scholars can begin to move in
August 21- First day of classes
September 4- Labor Day (No classes)

New Scholar families: feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Take a look at our new Purdue Evans Scholars website!

Alumni are encourage to share their important news and updates! Let us know if you have a new job, got promoted, there's a new baby or anything else!

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