April Newsletter

April showers bring May flowers! We've had quite a rainy week here at Purdue, but we've also started to see the benefits of having a lot of rain from the sight of the blossoming trees around campus. The countdown to summer begins as our Scholars start working on final projects and preparing for their final exams.

In the month of March, we had many exciting events going on. First and foremost, we had our annual Putt-Putt Philanthropy on March 26. We had approximately 10 teams sign up, and raised $325 for the Sunshine Through Golf Association, an organization that helps children with disabilities learn to play golf.

On April 1, we had our first ever Chick's Change event. Chick's Change was started by Evans Scholar Samantha McLeish in hopes of having all of our families bring their spare change on Family Day, and donate the money collected to St. Jude. We are still waiting to hear back on the results from the change collection.

Coming up is the national New Scholar Day! We look forward to meeting all of the New Scholars on April 9! For Purdue New Scholars, if you have any questions, comments or concerns please email David Krebs at krebsd@purdue.edu

Last but not least, congratulations to Evans Scholar Damian Wojtowicz on being accepted into the study abroad program.

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