March Updates

So much has happened in just the course of a month! It's hard to believe that we are almost done with the spring semester of 2017. With spring break in less than a week, it is hard not to feel nostalgic about our seniors soon graduating. On that note, we want to congratulate a few of our seniors on their accomplishments:

  • Chad Phillips on playing for the D1 golf team at Purdue University for his four years here
  • Matt Quinlan on being on the D1 Purdue swim team for his four years here
  • Adrian Wojtowicz on having a job set for after graduation with Molex
  • Frank Vandeputte on obtaining an internship with the Cincinnati Reds for this summer

Similarly, we the graduation of our seniors, we soon will be welcoming the New Scholars into our home in the fall. So far we want to congratulate our New Scholars from Indiana: Isabella Kaplan, Kathleen Doolittle, Hannah Vanderbosch, Zachary Stewart, Jordan Lykowski, Matthew Hope, Samuel Mailand, Joseph Hunnicutt and Jeffery Schwind. We look forward to seeing them on our New Scholar Day on April 9.

Congratulations to the following Scholars on their achievements this past February:

  • FRANK VANDEPUTTE: He was selected as the sole college of liberal arts student representative for the Award Council for the Murphy Award. It is the most prestigious teaching award at Purdue.
  • JON SOULISKE: He got accepted as the ambassador for the College of Education. His role will consist of helping with the recruitment process for new students.
  • DAMIAN WOJTOWICZ: He got accepted into the Purdue study abroad program.
  • DANTE BRUNO: He participated in the Polar Plunge and sang at Ralph Bailey Memorial Service (Mr. Bailey donated $6.5 million for the Glee Club).

In the remaining two months we have a few events coming up!

  • March 26: We have our annual Putt-Putt Philanthropy coming up soon! Every year, we create a mini-golf course at our Scholarship House and donate the money that we collect to a charity. This year, our philanthropy will be from 1-4 p.m. on March 26. Family and friends of Scholars at Purdue are welcome!
  • April 1: On April 1, we will have our Purdue Evans Scholars Family Day! Keep an eye out for pictures on our social media pages.
  • April 9: The national New Scholar Day will be on April 9 this year. New Purdue Evans Scholars should keep an eye out for information to come from the Vice President of New Scholars.

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