February Update

Congratulations to our new E-Board members!
President: David Smith ~ Junior
Vice President, New Scholars: David Krebs ~ Junior
EVP: Samantha McLeish ~ Sophomore
AVP: Lenny Chocholek ~ Junior
VP of Finance: Ashton Knies ~ Sophomore
VP of Communications: Biridiana Guerrero ~ Sophomore

Also, congratulations to all of our new chairs in the Purdue Evans Scholarship House! We've had an exciting semester already with our Evans Scholar Blood Drive which took place on Feb. 7. We were able to donate a total of 17 units! We have our Dad's day coming up around the corner, and we are slowly but surely hearing about the incoming Scholars for next year!

Congratulations to Isabella Kaplan and Jordan Lykowski on their Scholarship! We look forward to having you in our House next year! If anyone else finds out that they will be attending Purdue on the Evans Scholarship next school year, feel free to let us know now either through social media or our email so we can give you a shout-out!

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