November Updates

As we approach Thanksgiving, Purdue Evans Scholars can take a moment to reflect on some of the great things that have happened over the last month.

On Oct. 21 we hosted our first Alumni Career Day, which included the following Purdue Alums: Matt Hammer, Chris Hoke, Chad Barker, Brian Dalcorobbo, Joe Jordan, Sam Kimmerly, Suzanne Kimmerly, Tom Lehman, Kelly O'Shaughnessey, Michaela O'Shaughnessey, Ryan Cavanaugh, Pete Procaccio and Bob Falk.

The event was a great opportunity for current Scholars to meet those who were in their shoes not too long ago and can offer useful tips for the future.

The day prior, many Scholars had the chance to support the Boilermakers in their victory over Ohio State University in football. Despite the odds, Purdue was victorious, and it was an unforgettable moment for all of those watching the game.

Throughout the semester our executive board has really been focusing in on the idea of personal health and wellness and decided that next semester we will create a committee for it. Our president Madison Busch created a bulletin board in the hallway to start encouraging some of the resources that are available on campus as well as changes you can make in their personal life.

This past weekend we hosted our Moms Day, which consisted of brunch, a pumpkin carving contest, and a trip to the corn maze. Overall, we strive to have a great month this November and appreciate everything that has been given to us!